So lately I have been trying to find an action to sharpen gifs ((because I was too lazy to make one myself)) but I have found that at least 98% of all actions are made for extended versions only. Ofcourse I don’t want to uninstall the version I have to re-download the extended version ((because again I’m lazy)). While I was looking I decided “Hey maybe I’m not the only one with this problem” or maybe I’m the only person with an "obsolete" version of photoshop; either way I was quite frustrated. So instead of asking various photoshop resource blogs if they could track one done for me, I made my own ((claps 4 meh)). Also since I feel like I am not the only one with this problem I decided to share it with you all ((yay)).

Gif sharpening action: sharpens up to 50 frames

(rar. download  )

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